People’s War People’s Army: The Viet Cong Insurrection Manual for Underdeveloped Countries

People’s War People’s Army: The Viet Cong Insurrection Manual for Underdeveloped Countries
ISBN: 0898753716

"America won nearly every major battle during the Vietnam War and decimated the North Vietnamese troops, why then did they lose the war? People’s War People’s Army was written decades ago by the North Vietnamese general who oversaw the Tet Offensive. I wanted to understand the cause for which the North Vietnamese were fighting that would inspire them to keep fighting until a stronger, better equipped military chose to quit the war. Incredibly, to read Giap’s words, is like reading the history of America. Like the Americans versus the English two hundred years before, the North Vietnamese were basically fighting for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." - Simon Sinek,

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Vo Nguyen Giap, Southeast Asia’s most successful Communist general, Minister of Defense and Commander in Chief of North Vietnam’s army, shares with Premier Khrushchev a conviction that the future holds many “just wars of national liberation.” This volume stresses the climate of Asia, Africa, and Latin American, torn today by anticolonial, economic, and political upheavals. It is General Giap’s purpose in this book, originally published in 1962, to guide these struggles to the desired “socialist” victory. The speeches and essays that comprise this key document provide not only the tactical doctrine for effective insurgency operations, but also the political guidelines for enlisting the people in the insurgents’ side.

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