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Welcome Readers: Our First Post Who We Are is to Help Develop Who You Are

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Welcome to the Air Force Leader. We are a blogging community for developing military leaders. Our purpose is to give all leaders a voice, a platform to be able to freely share your insights with a like-minded community.

Why Are We Blogging

I am an active duty cyber officer with 8-years experience. And of late, I have been doing a lot of introspection. Trying to find my voice. Working to discover who I am. Both as a leader and a follower. I’ve made many mistakes along my journey, but have learned from and relied heavily on the insights of others through the shared word.

When I made the decision in Oct 2018 to create a blogging platform, it was solely for a single user site. Namely to develop a blog and brand for myself. A means to step outside my comfort zone and to actively release my own internal voice alone.

The Development of Air Force Leader

After researching existing military sites for ideas on how to begin and which direction to vector towards, it quickly became apparent that most military blogs are moderated by Army personnel. And they have that unique Army flavor to them. The Air Force has few if no equivalent outlets. So I asked myself whether I wanted to create an equivalent platform. A site for blogging and disseminating leadership lessons to the Air Force community. Out of that question arose the Air Force Leader.

My personal blogging site was developed in 2 days. After deciding to change course, however, it took another 6 weeks to fully expand the platform into a multi-user site.

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That wasn’t the end though. Nor was it sufficient enough to build the community I was hoping to foster. It occurred to me that without any frontend capability, the burden of reviewing and collecting articles would fall on me and a future content editor team. What I needed was a method to freely solicit input from all leaders. And then a way to let their peers highlight those best articles worthy to be featured as a public listing.

The solution took another 2 months to implement. And the result of this effort is the site you see today — a fully fledged, feature-rich platform which allows users to register and create posts without an editor in the mix. Where all posts begin their journey as private listings on The Taxiway. And where those most highly recognized articles in the community are publically shared with all guests and via our social media channels.

A Constructive Forum For Everyone

I originally feared that attribution to one’s self may be seen as a detriment to collecting input from the community. That one’s open and unsolicited opinion could be perceived to have a damaging effect against either their personal image or career. But I would argue that the true damage is done by being a silent protester. For only by identifying a wrong can we truly begin to turn it to a right.

We are committed to maintaining Air Force Leader as a constructive forum for everyone. For this reason, while anonymity is accepted, our intent is to foster productive discussions where feedback can be solicited and given between known, attributable community members.

For more benefits on why blogging can help make you a more effective leader, read this article to see why blogging and leadership go hand-in-hand. From learning to clearly articulate your message, to establishing trust and bringing people together to help identify and solve a problem, you just never know the connections you’ll make when you put your thoughts and ideas out there.

How You Can Get Involved

If you have found this site, then you, like me, are likely looking for an outlet to let your voice be heard. That is our purpose. And every Air Force Leader trying to find their voice is welcome, whether they be an Amn, NCO, or Officer.

We hope you make us a part of your leadership journey.

There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and expand your horizons. Thank you in advance for contributing and opening your voice to this community. And enjoy our site!

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An active duty officer in the U.S. Air Force with 8 years cyber experience. He is also the creator and web designer for Air Force Leader.

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